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Dyno Jet e-clip question

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If i put the e-clip on the very top groove of the needle do i still have to put the spacer on top of it ?....Thanks
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the clip should be at the bottom, closest to the point. You may or may not need the extra washer. Either way make sure the needle "floats" in the holder. If it does not float, file the TOP untill it does. The washer adds 1/2 a notch to the nedle for extra adjustability, you only need it if you need to richen it more than the last notch will allow you. If thats still not enough then you will need a bigger jet, and put the clip towards the middle of the needle. Jetting is all trial and error unfortunately. Mine with the HMF eco, uni, and triangle snork, Im running the dj 126, clip on 5th notch and 2.5-2.75 turns on the mix screw.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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