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DYNATEK 650 rincon

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Well finally did it I just ordered the programmer.Just a few questions for you rincon owners that already have this.What setting do you usually have it on and what setting is close to stock and what kind of performance am I going to see will I be happy and how nice is it to rip it in reverse with no limiter .thanks in advance
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anyone out their ?
try there is alot more rincon riders there. i don't know what the settings would be but i've heard it will really waken things up.
my buddy has a rincon with the dyna tech, it made a huge difference, check out this video of him at the brule sand dunes.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
**** that dude is crazy thanks for the sweet a$$ video
my buddy also has it. That thing is a wheelie machine now!! and it even does reverse wheelies!
Is that for the 650 carb model or is it for the fuel injected model?
you can get one for both models, i want one for my foreman
for the carb
yes you can get one for the carbureted rincon models.
I use the 2nd setting most.
QUOTE ("mac102004":232q8apn)
I use the 2nd setting most.
do you notice a diferance?

What does it change?
I noticed a huge difference with the CDI, gave me more power then adding the exhaust, filter and jet kit did. It changes the timing and raises the limiters, increases spark energy etc.
where did you dynatek owners mount your box I called them and they told be they can't be submerged that is not good for me what to do
my buddy mounted his on the airbox lid and has had it submerged with no problems. Maybe mount it in the dry box and seal the dry box up real good.
its mounted on the lid. You shouldn't have any problems submerging it.
finally hooked up my programmer and drove it for about an hour and got busted by the sorry a$$ police.Vettepin and I got tickets for not having a registered vehicle.We were in a canal not the street now we have to goto court and tell the judge why our bikes dont have registration(because we can't drive them on the street you a$$hole).Enough about that the programmer picked up 1/2 a second on my drag race on my street but it still didn't give me the low end I was looking for.But now it does not hit the revlimiter between shifts(from the gear reduction) and I just spun the tires in reverse and it said 20mph not 12mph like before.I mounted the cdi in a drybox from wal-mart for $5 bucks it works great
Sorry you got busted...Here is Florida Law.

317.0006 Certificate of title required.--

(1) Any off-highway vehicle that is purchased by a resident of this state after the effective date of this act or that is owned by a resident and is operated on the public lands of this state must be titled pursuant to this chapter.

History.--s. 60, ch. 2002-295; s. 46, ch. 2005-164.
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