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DVD with new Rancher

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Has anybody received a Dvd with a 05 rancher.?
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Haven't heard snything about a DVD.

Welcome to the site! Glad to see we have some Honda fans across the pond.
QUOTE ("ferghughes":1m77eroa)
Has anybody received a Dvd with a 05 rancher.?
I think Kelly (Rancher girl*) got one with her 06 Rancher.
My buddy didn't get one, and welcome, we have gone international

Yes, I got a DVD with my 06 Rancher. It was just a safty video. (and No i didn't watch it).. I have Euro to teach me all about riding. HA HA!!!!!
Yes, he knows all about riding safely. In fact he should be teaching little kids on proper riding techniques.
I bought a new Foreman and did not get a video, but a week later, I went in for a extra warranty and they asked me if I got a video. I told them no and they gave me one. It was a VHS however and was fairly lame. A safety video but not much safety involved other than telling you to use proper riding protection gear and to tell you to operate vehicle safely but no real instruction. Not worth driving to a dealer to pick it up.
All to funny, When I bought mine they gave me a safety video from Kawisaki , Im sure they are simular and all lame. If you all did not know, I am in the Navy and my JOB is Enviromental Health and Safety. I also run all the motorcycle and ATV safety programs for the base. If you need something let me know if I can help you out.

getting a dvd is a way for the manufacturers to say they are doing something about high injury rates on atv's. Local safety councils have made manufacturers (utimately dealers) do more to prevent atv's looking so bad in statistics. When you go see your local doctor because you sprained your wrist leaping over a log, it makes the whole industry take the rap as being unsafe. Doctors report all kinds of injuries they see and how they were caused btw. If you sell 10 times as many atv's as there were 5 yrs ago, expect the stats to go up as well imo.
The stats are screwed. The stats that are mostly published are the ones they want all the people against ATV's to see. What they never show you is that out of the 100,000+ injuries in 2004-2005 80% were caused by missuse/alchol/or helmet. I could go on forever on this cause I use these statisics alot in my work and they never publish the real story, only the ones that will make more laws for ATV's and more restrictions, Bah Humbug
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