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Duty fees

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Does anyone know how to calculate the duty on packages coming from the U.S. to Canada. I can get estimates on taxes, exchange & shipping, but no one can seem to tell me what kind of duty fees are involved. I'm told it's a percentage of the total value of the shippment. Any info would be great!
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Duty is calculated on the country of origin and applicable excise tax for that item. Everything is different. Call your local international airport
ups is crooked when ordering for the states. Look for items that deliver usps because they are way cheaper
Heres the deal, if you order from the US get it sent USPS, there will be a $5 fee for clearing and you will pay the PST and GST. There is no duty if the item was made in North America. If it was made elswhere there could be varying duties imposed. If it is sent UPS you will get charged way too much, been there done that. Bought lots through Ebay from the US and post is the way to go.
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