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I saw these tires on and noticed they were 6-ply radials just like the BigHorns. They are made to excel on rock and are a all-around tire like the BigHorns, but are alot less expensive! The only drawback I can see is that they only come in sizes 25x8x12 and 25x10x12, but they are $68-$72, compared to the Bighorns at $86-$90. Does anybody have any feedback on these? I know Duro makes several racing applications and even tires for golf carts like maxxis does. Here is the list of features on the website along with a pic.

This radial constructed tire is designed to help alleviate the hard-impact when riding on rough trails with pits or gravel and boost the driving comfort.
Innovative sidewall design aids in protecting the shoulder from being punctured and protection to the rim.
The 6 ply structure gives the tire the strength it needs to resist puncturing and boosts the life of the tire.

Here is a picture of the BigHorns for reference, what do you guys think?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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