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Dry Box

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Hey I dont know if someone else has already come up with this on here but I had a good idea for a dry box since the factory dry box is more like an aquarium. I took one of the old army surplus ammo cans (.50 cal) and mounted it to the front rack with a couple u-bolts and siliconed the holes in the bottom. Works great!!!! Plus if your foreman is green like mine the color matches perfect.
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when i get my own bike there is going to be 2 or 3 .50 cal ammo cans because they are cheap, waterproof, dustproof, made of steel so tehy wont brake, and plus amry green rocks .
Im going to mount a rifle on the front of mine and carry shells in my box
that grenade can would be sweet!!!
QUOTE ("progigger":1pbhz2iq)
Im going to mount a rifle on the front of mine and carry shells in my box
Unfortunately it dosent work well on the 450, My AR is about as long as the 450 and at 32lbs+ its not very practical to tote either Now trailer mounted on a touret would be a nice addition.

I'll work on getting the water out of my engine before I solve the problem of mounting the BMG

But army surpluse has good uses in the atv/motorcycle world. I keep a few extra .30 & .50 cans around but dont have any of the grenade boxes. Will be looking into them though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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