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drowned my fourwheeler

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i had it all the way under water except the snorkel and it went dead. the exhaust sucked water up in it. what do i need to do???
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just turn the starter over and let the engine push the water out thats what i do. i drown my exaust end all the time and all i do is turn the engine over till it fires up and i havent had any problems yet. i would check the oil for water first though if it's not milky then you are ok.
I always have to pump water out of the cylinder when I do this.
I stood mine up on it's rear, removed all the water I could then flipped it back up right, removed the spark plug, pumped all the water from the cylinder and fired that baby back up!

Be sure to check the motor and differentials for water and flush if needed.
make sure you take the spark plug out to crank it. remember water doesnt compress
That last responce is so true it could result in a bent rod or further damage to the rings or even the head... the carbs are easy to access, get some carb cleaner and give that thing a good bath, turn it over w/ the plug out and the fuel valve off until it doesnt spray any fluids out, replace carb and run it
yeah it's half experience, meaning i've swamped her about 4 times. and half that i sell parts for a dealership and people always come in and say, i swamped it and tried to start it wont run...or now it makes
i guess water never made it to my cylinder because i have never had a problem with stating it after drowning maybe i was lucky and had a vaper lock so water couldn't get into the cylinder. also i have never had water in the crank case i check my oil and diffs after every water run.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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