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Dropped valve on foreman 450

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Hey guys, new to the forum
I got an 01 foreman450 recently purchased, was out riding a while back and it just stalled, no unusual noise, tried to restart spun over but wouldn’t fire
Pulled plug check for spark was ok, checked compression had none, pulled it apart today
Found the intake valve
Keeper broke dropped valve into jug and it pushed it threw the head(pictures attached )
Amazing enough the piston was in touched
Issue is I cannot locate a new head anywhere
Anybody have some suggestions or point me to the right place to get one, I found a new jug and piston but head with valves is a hard find
I appreciate all the help
Cheers tvindivo


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Ebay is your best bet to find them used in my experience.
Thanks for the reply, a member of another forum came to my rescue and got me what I needed, gonna put it back together today
1 - 3 of 3 Posts