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Downshifting and Rev matching...

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I just found a neat little trick on mine tonight cruising around the neighborhood downshifting. With the S model you can step on the gear shifter about halfway until it comes out of gear, almost like pressing in a clutch, then hit the throttle, then press the rest of the way down on the shifter and it goes into gear so smooth, do this when down shifting. This keeps the rpms at a constant when the gear change occurs, instead of getting whiplash when downshifting.

That is how road race cars down shift going into turns to keep smooth, high in the rpms, and not shock the drivetrain at all, but they usually have there left foot on the brake, and use there right heel and toe to manipulate the clutch and gas pedal (heel toe shifting)

S model guys try it out, its fun, espically with the HMF so you can really hear it, when done correctly you will not feel the downshit what so ever.
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If you do it the other way that is also how you wheelie
to scared of breakin stuff, im a wimp.
I can't try it due to the ES model,I do like the start in gear feature I found out last week.Before on ES if you stalled out in mud or water you had to rock the atv back and forth,now just pull in ft brake and hit the start button.Big improvement over my 450ES I had...
Start in gear is a good thing!
You can also throw a better rooster tail by holding it down at a dead stop, reving it up and letting loose, it is like dumping the clutch on a truck.
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