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Douglas Rattlesnakes

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Anyone have the douglas rattlesnakes yet? I've been looking at them, and kinda like them. I'm just looking for pictures of them.
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Have you seen the SS112 By ITP? They have a lifetime warrenty against bending or breaking and the are only about 68$ a piece! If not check my gallery.
how do the 112s hold up to the trail/rocks/mud/whatever else

Well they hold up fine I ride mostly in mud and the finish is still like new just hose them off and they shine!
I was looking at the rattlesnakes b4 i bought my ss12's but i have to say the itp ss12's look a lot better in the pictures. I havnt seen the real deal just yet, they are at my house and i am 1400 miles away at work. But when i go home im gona drive my honda like it was stolen.
Here are a few

ss112's are ALOT nicer. My buddy JRICH has em. He's on here somewhere. Look him up and you should see some pics.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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