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double trouble

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last night while riding i expierenced two problems the first was when i went to use my winch it was drawing so much current that my lights went dim and the digital screen even went dark, and even the winch itself seemed weak it wouldnt even pull me out. i have never had this problem before, but i was in a bit of water before it happened. the next problem was after i did get out of the hole my bike wouldnt downshift. it would up shift but not down shift. when you hit the down button it sounds like it is trying to shift but it doesnt, yet it would upshift fine, so i had to manually shift it to get it out of the woods and down it wont let me electrically shift at all. is there any way to reset this or do i have to take it to a dealer? anyone have any solutions to either problem? think they are related? any help would be appreciated.
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I would make sure the battery is fully charged and functioning properly before taking it to the shop.
Battery. Every shop I've talked to about ES has told me that the system works great unless battery is very weak (which yours sounds like) then it will not shift properly. I haven't had very good luck with stock batteries, they seem to wear out very fast if using winch a lot. I put in a sealed Interstate battery and it made a huge difference. Winch worked better than ever and starting seemed effortless.
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