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don't like water

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every time i get into deep water not to deep still below the intake my foreman wants to die for a while. i have to keep hitting the gas for a while then it idles fine till i hit somw water again. i have an 06 500 es
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Mine did the same thing cuz water was splashing into the carb vent lines!! I think mine died in water like 5 time before I ran those two hoses to the light pod!
could be that or the water could be turning into steam and entering the airbox that way.
and you might wanna put some dielectric grease on your spark plug and cap. you can also turn your idle up a lil to keep the water from coming in the exhaust as easy.
most importantly is to plug your carb drain!
mine did that the first time I got it in some water, and it was that the connection at the air box for the factory intake was not tight.
deffinitely plug the carb drain and extend the carb vents
thanks guys i will definantly do the dielectric grease and extend the lines.
well i found the culprit. the spark plug wire boot was ripped open and water was messin with the spark. i put electric tape around it and some dielectric grease. today i went riden and no problem. now i need a new plug wire. thanks again for all the replys. on a side note has anyone from the louisana/ mississippi area been to red creek? that place is awsome
carb vent and drain lines are it for sure, but there is also another small mod that makes sense. the crankcase breather line. That square foam filter in the airbox is the one and it runs straight down to the crank. now i know it's just a breather line but with enough water it can force itself down that tube. to prevent this you can run a 1/2" tube up and around the carb. this forces any water to go up before it goes down. i've doen this a few months ago and everything runs great. no swamp outs at all. there are some directions to do this on, but just make sure its all tucked away and off of the exhaust. good luck
where is the carb vent line at
2 hoses that are looped over the front of the carb. you can connect these 2 hoses and run them up higher.
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