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don't ever use....

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don't ever use tire foam on your seat!!! i did it to see what will happen, and it made the seat cover hard and tight. yesterday i was playing around and slapped the seat to knock some mud off and put a tear in the seat cover. it's like it dried it out...

anyone got any ideas on how i can cover it or change the cover itself???
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Ebay has replacement seat covers from time to time for around $20, but you still need someone to install it. You can also bring it to a local fabric shop and let them replace the cover. We have Mad Mark here on Fla blvd. in Baton Rouge that does custom fabric work.

you always have the answer.

i think i will try to find the fabric and do it myself. I feel so stupid after i did that and saw the hole. i'm such an idiot.

if you have an electric or air stapler it's easy to do.A normal stapler won't drive the staples into the plastic of the seat body.I recovered mine after i had a guy mold a pro-pad into the seat foam to resist a sore rear on 100+mile rides.

that is sweet, where did you get the material to recover it??

i think i can do it, or get someone to do it but i just need the material.
I've got a seat cover from these folks. I highly recommend them. Very good fit. My brother also ordered one from them.

Just think of what it does to your tires!

Silicone repells moisture, and has been known to actually dry the rubber in tires out!

That is why I never use the stuff.
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