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Doesn't want to idle

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for the longest now my foreman doesnt want to idle it will real low for a few minute like loping and then dye ive played witgh carb till i was blue in the face but no good it will idle when i pull teh choke some then will rev up a little high and but doesnt like to idle. i moved the e-clip to the bottom notch now will run wide open with out banging out but still no idle. help would be nice.
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Sounds like you have dirt in the main jet.Take the carb off,remove the float bowl and blow everything out with compressed air.It's really not that hard,and you don't need any special tools.Make sure you blow it out really good,getting all the little holes and passages,that should take care of your problem.
ill give it a try i cleaned it before but never know. it sucks when you have to back and it die before you can gas it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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