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Does this sound like a good deal?

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In the local paper is 4 27x12x12 Vampires on Honda
rims for $400.00
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Are the rims and tires new??
if they are that would be a pretty good deal
Nope,they're used.Didn't say how much wear.I might call him and go have a look.I really didn't want 12 inch wide tires but if they are in good shape I might change my mind.
thats a pretty good deal, depending on the condition of the tires.
If they have 90% tread left, then I would say its a good deal. Otherwise, I would just go with new tires on your old rims!
Figure that 4 new 27x12x12 Mudzillas are $412 to the door and rims are NOT that expensive.. To give you an idea..
Thanks guys! That gives me some good info. before I go look at them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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