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Does it matter

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i put my DGL in yesterday does it matter which axle goes where, i cant remember how i took them out,if so can ya'll tell me were the part #'s are so i can take them back out and put them in right. It works fine now but just wandering, Thanks
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make sure they are in right, one axle is longer than the other. if you stand in front of the bike you will see that the diff sits off to one side. the longer shalf will go on the left side. If they are wrong and the first time the supension extends out, it will pull the inboard cup out of the diff.

I wouldn't think they would bolt up all the way if they where wrong, but I have heard of other putting them on the wrong side.
long one goes on right if your sitin on the foreman i think...
then short on left
ruby we are both right, I meant by looking from the front the long axle is on the left. sorry I didn't myself clearer.
its ok dirty. i read ur post to fast and i didnt see u said that. so i went ahead and posted it...
I measured the shaft from boot to boot , if in front of the bike the left one is about 1/2 inch longer so i guess there in right but at the diff they look funny
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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