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Does HL's spring stiffen the ride?

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I have the perfex kit and want to run bi/tri claws, and was thinking with how much the atv sags when i get on it, im 215 lbs. That maybe these springs could keep it from sagging and keep the claws front rubbing at full lock. Will these make the ride unpleasant? anyone who runs these can you help me out
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They do stiffen the ride quite a bit. But they will cut out most of the sag you are getting right now. I have them on my Foreman and like them, but my foreman rides like crap anyhow reguardless of springs.
do you also have the perfex kit with those HL springs?
No, I have the Highlifter 2'' lift though (which be worse of a ride than the perfex you have.)
what size tires do you run? So with the perfex kit it should have a softer ride running those springs?
I run 29.5's but have hardly any air in them which make the ride much softer. And yes, you would have a better ride than I would if the theory of the Perfex being a softer ride is true.
It will stiffen the ride but will also increase your rack payload, which is why i bought them. I'm also going to add the Perfex to get a little more lift and soften the ride.
I have the lift springs that i took off of my Foreman if anyone is interested.
Railroader why did you take them off? And how much do you want for them? Tell me some more about them im intrested, do you have the tool that HL offer to help install thes, some kind of spring tool, thanks
They were too rough with the lift on. I have the tool & the springs in boxes
in the garage.
With the preflex which gives it a softer ride and the spring which give it a rougher ride it will probaly be like stock but i have a extreme lift and lift springs and tires pumped up as high as they can go to make it look taller but the ride is unbelievablly rough ride
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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