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Does every new honda with disc brakes squeak??

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I have a question about honda disc brakes. I went riding yesterday with a brand new rubicon and another 07 foreman es and a new rincon with about 50 miles on it. Every quad that went through some pot holes with mud would squeaked after they came out including mine. We were trail riding and just had to go through little pot holes that might be 3-4 feet long that had enough mud and water to make a splash maybe 2 feet deep, by no means were we mudding. After we would go through the holes and the quads would apply their brakes they would squeak. If we found a little stream we could ride through just enough to clean off our brakes and then they would be fine again until we went through another pot hole. Is this normal I take it? I though that it was just my quad but I had 4 other hondas with me. The only one that didn't squeak was an older foreman with front drum brakes that actually worked. Just wondering what the deal is with this.
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Mine don't squeek.
The brakes on my Foreman stopped squeaking at 25 hours or so. I suppose they had to wear in a bit.
big daddy bigfoot yours don't squeak even after you go through a mud hole and apply the brakes?
Mine squeak all the time since it was new untill I go through some water or mud then they stop till it dries out again then squeaks are back. I've taken them apart and cleaned them out with brake cleaner but it didn't do any good.
yep, they will squeak especialy if you go through mud. I just clean my foreman up when I finish with a ride and it stops. no big deall
Couldn't the squeaking possibly be from the 'mud scrapers' on the brakes that keep them clean?
Yep, they only squeek when dry.................keep them wet and muddy
Yep, they only squeek when dry.................keep them wet and muddy
my fronts squeek all the time
Thanks for the replys. Do you think after they are broke in they will stop squeaking or not?
both of my friends yahahas disk brakes sweek, but my kawie does not. im pretty sure that the front ones are all the same style.
Ive never heard my Foreman brakes squeek.
QUOTE ("07foreman982":1h54sv1x)
big daddy bigfoot yours don't squeak even after you go through a mud hole and apply the brakes?
I told you mine don't squeek.
I have never heard a squeak out of my brakes since new.I now have about 800 miles on it.
I can't believe that not everyones brakes squeak. What can I do to get my from squeaking? Should I take it back to the dealer and see what they can do? I just figured they would all squeak since I went riding with 3 other ones and they all squeaked.
Will installing EBC brake pads get rid of the squeal?
The only thing I can think of is I don't ride mine as hard. I don't fly around and stop really fast, etc. I let the motor slow me down and I drive around things. I never said mine don't make any noise, when pushing it around in the garage it sounds like there is small gravel in them but I know it's just rust (from washing and creek riding) on the disks. I have between 500 and 600 miles on mine but I don't really use my breaks. I have yet to adjust them.
Is anyone running the ebc brake pads?
mine did squeek alot but they stoped sqeeking a while ago, only once and a while when i come out of mud holes
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