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does anyone make a aluminum skidplate

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I'm trying to find a aluminum skidplate for my 05 foreman. i like the honda by moose one in parts unlimited but they dont have one for a 05-07 foreman,everything else though. i dont like the high lifter i'd like to have a smooth one and some smooth stick stoppers
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I love AP produts but the Ricochet offer a lot better protection. I just put on the Ricochet and absolutely love them. They're very solid, protection is top notch.

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Oops! Double Post
Alum Prod

I have Aluminum Products on my BF. They are very nice, quality praducts.
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Yes AP are quality products and fit very well but take a look at thier products. On the AP skid plate the frame is exposed inbetween the front a-arms. Look at the Ricochet skid, the whole under carriage is fully protected with the edges wrapping the frame.
I know they protect more but I call them mud holders!
Your stock ones hold mud also!
The HL skid is smooth and the bash is diamond plate.It is also 3/16" thick The CV boot protectors wrap all the way around and come up to the top A-arm.
That is true but the aluminum ones cover the hole bottom so they seem to hold more!!!! But a good pressure washer will take car of that prob!
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