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Does anyone here race GNCC?

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Just wondering, I have alot of freinds who race GNCC dirtbikes, and they mentioned the Utility 4x4 class. I have seen it on TV once or twice. Just wondering if anyone here knew much about it. Thanks.
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pretty pointless to think about on a foreman....just in case you where having them thoughts. Most of them are the outlander 800's and brute forces. A guy i know, his family owns a kawasaki shop here in pa and he races GNCC. Has a 650 bruteforce all done up. Put a 750 big bore in it making it a 768 i believe with all the goodies. It's estimated at right around 85HP. And man is that thing fast!
be prepaired to get beat up while your out there, them racers dont mess around when it comes to racing. you could race your foreman but you would have a tough time keeping pase. if you are not in shape i wouldnt recomend racing in it because that is a long time to race all aout like that. i have thought about racing GNCC hard, i am still thinking about it but i will atleast have to get some better stronger wheels and and teather cord.
The thought of the Foreman not being the ultimate platform for a GNCC bike has already crossed my mind. This would just be a one or two weekend a month type thing, kinda just enter a race when they are in the area. Nothing real serious. Didn't know if anyone knew much about it.
You would pretty much get lapped like 87 times on a foreman 500 or any honda for that matter.....I love hondas they just werent built for speed, aceleration or any of the above!
Lets also put into perspective that this would be in the ATV Lite class, 500cc and lower.
im not tring to put you down or anything but your foreman proubly wouldnt do too great even in the 500 class. since this would just be for every once and a while then sure you could race it, you proubly wont do too good but you could race just for the experience. you said your friends race in GNCC so im gessing you have been to races, but if you never been to one i recomend going to one and see what all it is first. GNCC is pretty hard on a rider. racing is in my blood, i love any type of racing. i would love to race in GNCC since i do have a bike that is up to par but i know a couple of people that race and they said that it is not common to trash your plastic and wheels just racing normal. that is what is holding me back from racing in GNCC. if this is what you want to do though, go race and have fun.
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