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Does anyone have the VEMON V2500X

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im looking to buy one on ebay just wanted to see what you guys think of them.......please give me any feedback on what you guys think.
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I have the 3500X and I have only one problem and its my fault, I sorta broke the freespool knob
Just re-positioned my Venom 3500 from the top mount to the underside mount. This was because of the cable and roller fairland did not line up. The cable was rubbing on the steele plate. I have a different set up... I ordered the Aluminum Products bash plate that has the roller fairland positioned lower that stock. All alligned now...
I have the V2500XT and I like it, I have only had one problem with it too and it was my falt, had it at too much of an angle trying to pull my Foreman out of a mudhole and messed the cable up. It has pulled me out of alot of holes, it has been a good wench. I would recommend the V3000 or V3500 for these heavy Utility quads, just a little extra added power and insurance in the deepest of holes.
Did you have a problem with the " OUT " not working... Everything works great, except when I push the " OUT "..nothing happens. I think that it maybe the 2 bullet connectors.. ( Green and Black wires ). One is for the " IN " and one for the " OUT ". I think one is not making a connection. Don't know where to start. Brand new and never used except for the garage. Hmmmmm
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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