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Does any body have pics of carb adjustments?

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What screw does what?
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The recessed screw is mormaly for mixture & the protruding longer one is for idle speed adjustment.
All I want to do is richen my foreman a little I just put an after market airfilter on it and took the spark arrestor off the end of the muffler. I also believe it is running a little rich by the looks of the plug. I am going to get a 170 needle jet in a little while.
I loosened both clamps at the carb. so it could be rotated then worked the mixture screw out with small needle nose pliers.I sawed a slot in the mixture screw so now I can use a flat blade stubby screwdriver to adjust the mixture.I bottomed the screw out then backed it out 3 turns.
Thanks for the info guys. I just went out today and bought a NGK IRIDIUM spark plug and a 170 jet. After I get my taxes back also today I am going to orde the HMF pipe, clutch kit, 1.5inch spacers, and triangle snorkle kit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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