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Does a jet kit really make a difference?

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I just put in a Dyno-jet jet kit in my '07 Foreman with a K&N filter with an Outerwear. I also have a Supertrapp Mudslinger pipe and I jetted it 165 main (below 3K), clip on third notch down, needle, spring- the whole nine yards. I just took it for a spin and I can't notice any difference! Well, thats not true, it does not backfire now and boy is that carb a pain in the ass to get in and out! Am I missing something here? My dad's stock '05 would pull the wheels up in second, mine still won't! Granted it is a PS model with a winch and 26" Mudlites. Should I have gone 170 or what?
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put the 170 or 175 in u should see the differince then
if you jet your bike off of sparkplug color i believe the tip should be light brown.
What the He!!.........

I told you to start with the 170. Jet kit makes a huge difference in the start-up and a noticeable difference in throttle response. I am kidding about the 170, the main takes over at about 3/4 thru Full throttle. If your top end feels like it is winding out than leave the main but lets start at the beginning. Start up should be head and shoulders better than stock, if not than you need to do some adjusting. Engine should be at operating temp and you can try adjusting the A/F screw; once you are happy with this setting move to the e-clip. Try notch higher and lower. Once you're happy with these settings take out and make sure you're revving out. If not throw in a 170. Just takes some trial/error.....and maybe a dyno shop
I got spooked by the 170! The sheet said 165 for an aftermarket exhaust and filter with normal baffle which the Supertrapp has, its not wide open like the HMF and a K&N with an outerwear which will restrict airflow a tiny bit so i figured the 165 was the way to go. I did not want to go too rich right off the bat because chances are the 165 would work the best and because I never want to take that carb off again ! It does start right up, but mine never started hard. I am going to throw a new plug in it and run it to see what it looks like. There may be more throttle response but no more "seat of the pants" felt power, at least not that I noticed. Did I mention that carb sucks real bad to get out and back in again? I wanted to get it right the first time and it has to be better now than with stock jetting. By the way my elevation is about 1,400' above.
If the throttle response is there than it's more than likely really close on bottom end. If it "feels" right than leave it, jet kit isn't going to give you any more power.

If it feels like the power lessens when warm than your a/f might be a little to rich. Good luck
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