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do you think this works?

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this is on ebay for 13.00+6.75 ship. they said i will increase power, i can see that it would increase air flow but im not sure if it would make a difference. let me know what you guys think. it might be worth 20 bucks
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What is it? I'm guessin' it is an exhaust tip.
I think those things increase noise more than anything. And its not a pleasent noise either. Take the cap of yours and rev it up a bit. Thats pretty close to what it willl sound like. Plus you should check the plug to see if the jetting needs to be adjusted as well.
it works but ever so slightly; it removes the spark arestor from the machine thus making the exhaust less restrictive. It is well worth the money and can be easily reversed if you do not like the results. I ride as an escape from the day to day... so the noise helps me achieve my goal. I like it!
I had the power tip exhaust tip on my 05 Foreman 500, it is kind of like that one but it came with a spark arrester screen and 3 new bolts. It did make it a little bit louder and deeper but it backfires quit a bit and does it alot when mudding in first gear when getting into and letting off the gas. Also I noticed the plug was a little whiter then I liked it to be. I have been riding with it on for 5 months with no problems but the plug was the perfect color with the stock tip before I put the power tip on. I am going to ride it with the stock tip again and check the plug, if it goes back to the right color I will not put the tip back on.
The increased airflow and lack of additional fuel is causing it to run lean. Thats why the plug is white and it backfires. You should be able to get a new main jet (Probably just a 165) and be ok. It probably does not require a complete jet kit. And you may see some added power with it. I am just not a fan of the sound it makes.
That is one thing I liked about the tip was the little deeper sound. But like I said, I did not like the plug looking white, and like all the poping and backfiring. I am going to try out a few things and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the info Truegrit.
Where is the one that I have.

just get an HMF!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it over with

P.S. supertrap sucks!!!
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