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I have made a few bumpers for Ranchers and Foremans in the past year and half and they have been out of sch #40 2" pipe and one was 2" square tubing. The sch#40 pipe doesn't resonate too bad at all, but you do get some bounceback sound. The square tubing however, was HIDEOUS!!!! It vibrated and had alot of bounceback as well. I ended up cutting the square tubing loose and rewelding it at an angle (from the side it looked like a diamond instead of a square) but it still had alot of vibration. As far as the heat goes, it wasn't hot enough to worry about and all were mounted about 3-4" off the plastic so about the same from the exhaust. I think most bumpers they sell are made of kinda thin tubing and that, in my opinion, would vibrate more so than if you build one out of pipe. And the one time it was "tested" I got rearended by my buddy with a pipe front bumper too at about 30 and it scratched the paint on my bumper! No dents, bends, cracks or other oddities!!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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