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Hi, guys. This is my first new topic and my first (almost) post.
I am not new to atvs, just to the bigger quads.
I have owned 2 Hondas, 2002 Recon and 1997 300.
I still have the 300, but Im looking to upgrade soon.
My budget is around $2500, and I figure that I can find a good used Foreman for that price. I am mainly looking at the 450 S due to its good reputation in relibility.
I have a few questions.
1.How is the power on the Foremans?
2.How low is the first gear, compared to a Fourtrax 300?
3.What mods would I need to do first, besides tires and lift?
4.Is a Foreman faster than a 300?
On whatever quad I get next, I will put my 26" Gators on there. Would they look funny on there with a lift?
So, basically, Im comparing the Foreman to a 300, both of which I am interested in.
I appreciate any and all opinions and responses.
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I have the 450 ES, but I think it is awesome. The foreman has alot of power. I am a pretty big guy, about 265 pounds. The foreman takes me through all kinds of stuff. I have 27" swamplights with a 2" lift. I actually was considering the Gators but I got a good deal on the swamplights. I can't compare between the 450 and Fourtrax, but I would say I would like a little bit lower 1st gear on mine. My Foreman, at the time of purchase, ran at 55 mph stock. Now it won't do but about 47 mpg, probably the mud tires. My opinion is to get an aftermarket exhaust. I believe the factory exhaust is to restricted. I noticed alot more power when I put my HMF muffler on.
450 ES

I also have an '04 450 ES, my first real bike for trail riding although we hadd 97 400 for acreage work. Foreman is tough as nails, I have only had to rejet mine for altitude, put on mud light radials, 26" after stock tires wore out. I put on about 1500 kms a year, all trails with a little mud. Bike has over 5000 kms on it since new. I really like the torgue in the mud, the only real problem is the ground clearance which catches me sometimes. It is great in the water and it has always brought me home. The ride is rougher then most bikes but it is very stable and great engine breaking on hills. Good luck
Thanks for the replys, guys.

Also, if I were to get a 1998-2001, should the 4-2-4 be my first priority?

Thanks again,
YES!!!!!!!!!!! Makes a WORLD of difference.
id get a 424 i plan on one hopefully soon the foreman stears so nice in 2wd too bad i broke an axle for it to be like that dont worrk about power mods if you gona get big tires get the gear reduction will ru you less then the hmf and you dont even gotta jet i think its the way to go i love mine
Thanks, yall.
I have narrowed it down to either a Foreman or a Fourtrax 300 4wd.
Whichever one I can find locally for a good price, I will buy.

I could still use opinions on the Foremans, though.
I Have a 2001 450ES..

I have over 10,000 km on it that 6,000 miles for the boys to the south
It has almost never let me down ..
The warn424 and the disk brakes are the must upgrades.
prefex long travel and bigger tires are needed for the mud.
and spare cash get HL springs and power Kit .
I have been over the handle bars in mud
broke through the ICE and hit head on with a few big trees ..

She Take a beatting
right now i tops out at about 80 Kmph with 2 slighly bent front rims..
Thanks. My 300 is having rear diff problems, so this could either slow down or speed up my purchase.

As soon as I get my 300 fixed, Ill be getting a 300 or a Foreman, whichever I can find a good deal on first.

I could still use opinions, though.
it has the excitment of a ride on lawn mower. but boy can she pull
QUOTE ("350hondaman":3tfjijss)
it has the excitment of a ride on lawn mower. but boy can she pull
Compared to that Grizz, I bet it does.

I am currently looking at a 2002 Foreman 450 ES with 1300 miles.
The guy said he will trade me for my 300 and $900.
I wonder if this is a good deal?
It has 28" Zillas and a 3" lift.
i had a 2000 2wd 300 fourtrax before i got my foreman and it was WAYYY more reliable, the only thing that ever broke was the pinion bearing wore out and run out my rear end,

the fourtrax has a slightly lower 1st gear but the foreman has a lower second gear than the foreman (i had em both at the same time) even though my foreman has had its problems its still WAYYY more fun of a bike, i dont know about the power tourque wise of a 4wd 300 but it cant be to great, and thats just my opinion i could be wrong

my foreman has broken

:back axle
:broke crankcase
:blown up
:5 front axles
:40 million sets of stock brakes
:bearings went out probably 10 or 11 times
:5 or 6 sets of ball joints
:3 tie rod ends
:stripped a hub
:clutch is about gone
:and the front diff dont sound good, ive got a question dirty4man when i put the locker in it was tough and it didnt slip at all, now the left side roars really bad and acts like a limited slip, did the clutches in the locker just quit or did something just break i appreciate any answers to that i dont feel like pulling the whole diff apart for something like that
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Thanks, man!

It sounds like the 300 is much more reliable.

Im still looking at getting one, but I think Ill have a better chance at a 300, cause they are generally cheaper.

Still could use opinions on both!
I got a 2003 foreman and 2 2006 rubicons. I like the foreman because it is small compared to the new styles. Also the stock protection is hard to beat. Most of the problems you have are eary to repair and plastic is simple to remove. It is a all around great machine. When I ride with the big boy powerhouses on the hard rough trails it seems I am always waiting for them to catch up. Oh and I have never bottomed out the front suspention . I had a 2005 king quad and the front shocks always bottomed out on the tightest setting. If they had the option for same style for new models, I forsure would buy it.
Thanks fr the info.

I am now considering a 400 foreman, what about these?
I still havent found a quad.
But I will continue looking at the:
Foreman 450
Foreman 400
Foreman 350
Fourtrax 300
Any opinions welcome.
I love my 450. Ive rode hard since 2002 on 240 acres and it has never made me walk back.

also i havent had brakes since a few months after 2002... haha
Dont get a ES

Do yourself a favor and dont get a ES... They have there problems ..

I owen a 2001 450ES, and im not happy with the ES.. Other then that its a good bike .. Ya jast cant beat shaft drive
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