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Do you guys take your silencers out?

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Hey guys, i like the sound of my machine without the silencer in, does anyone ride like this?

Is it harmful to the machine?
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i did but went and bought hmf.... lots better
I left mine out for quite awhile but then decided to put it back in during hunting season,now I think I like it better with it quiet.Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting older,but I don't like all that noise anymore.
Will it make a significant change in my air fuel mixture that i should be concerned about?
No,I wouldn't be concerned about the air/fuel mix.I ran mine for quite awhile without the spark arrestor and the sparkplug always looked o.k.
I just took mine off. Any tips on getting broken bolts out? They broke off when i turned them. Want to know if having it out causes ANY damage.
Pic of my new 2" tip. Cost $60 with shipping. Wife won't let me buy a pipe. Just spent a $900 on tires and $3000 on trip to Dominican Republic.
dam $4000 for tires i would have cryed
$3000 is for a vacation in the Dominican
opps i sould read stuff better. mom and dad have been wanting to go to Dominican. hope yall had a good time.
Because my bolts broke off i can't put my tip back on for now. Will it hurt my bike if i run it without the tip or just be loud?
I got the 2" tip off of ebay. Just ordered it yesterday and haven't even tried it yet. It won't arrive for two weeks. The tip was $40 american from a seller called red riders i think.

i have one like that...

looks good, that's about made my bike a little louder...

the only thing that i think would be good about that tip is if you can get someone to thread the inside of the hole so you can screw on a piece of bent pipe to make an instant exhaust snorkel that is completly removable.

i havn't found anyone to do it for me yet...

i have an hmf anyway!!!!

go hmf!!!!!
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Wife won't let me. Have to settle for better sound for now.

hey boss, i see you have a cd player in your sig...

i started to make me one from scratch...

is there any way you can show me how you have yours setup??

i have a deck, a water tight box, marine speakers, and some wire...

how did you connect it?
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do you have a marine cd player housing got mine at acadmey for 68 bucks. any boat dealer sould have them. it comes with wires you just need a antanna. got that a advanced auto parts for 7 bucks.
here is a pic
it keeps on saying this when i try to sumit:Unable to upload file. The given source has not been uploaded. i dont no what that means and i tried the same way i normally post pics
i put it on my avator for now so you can see
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