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Do Maxis bighorns ride as smooth as stock Dunlops?

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Do the Maxis bighorns (25") on a 2005 rubicon ride as smooth on rocks as the stock dunlop tires. I have put 6 ply tires on other atvs and the ride became way to harsh even with very low air pressure. Any opinions on this?
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smoother!! these are radials 6 ply is a rating. as in same durability as a 6 ply. they are real spongy but handle suprisengly well.
Smoother and handle much better than the stockers. I ride with my family a lot and my sister-in-law has an 05 Foreman with stock tires. Sometimes we switch off for a few minutes and the difference is dramatic, I can't wait to get back on mine.
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Not only smoother, I ride over what most people drive around


You'll never find a better tire for Southwest riding
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