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On Saturday I sank my Foreman 500 at Enid Lake MS. I did not start the engine until we pulled it out of the lake. The air box was full of water and had to be drained. We did our best to squeeze out as much water from the air cleaner and vent filters as we could. It started right up and ran good for about 15 minutes. It then lost power, started missing and died. My son towed me back into camp where we checked the air box again. We found a couple inches of water. When I checked my oil I immediately knew water had got to the crank case because the oil was milky. We dumped the oil, flushed it with new clean oil and installed Honda GN4 oil, a new air cleaner and oil filter. It started right up and ran perfectly for the rest of the day with no problems. Cost of oil, oil filter, and air cleaner, about $48.00. The cost of the expression on my face when the Foreman went under, priceless. Do I need to worry about internal damage that will show up as a result of this or, did I get lucky?
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My friend did the same thing this past weekend also... I would highly recomend changing your oil a few more times... best to use cheap no-name oil the first 3 or so times, run it for a few min each time to get the oil nice and hot, after about 3 times and no milkyness you put your prefered oil in. thats what my buddy and i did and runs like new... might want to look at the fuel bowl on the carb and make sure no water is in that too.
Ive sank mine three times and each time it took three changes to get all the water out.My Foreman has two oil coolers that do not drain good with one oil change.
Ya gotta check it again,I bet there was some water left in the coolers.
Change it a couple more times.
Thank you all for the replies and the great advice. I will be sure to change the oil a third time and to check the carb bowl for water.
if u can take a full throttle there is no reason to check the carb bowl.

however, plz do check ur oil again. it very important that u do not run with milky oil. thats the easiest way to get a top end job. for future ref. if you do milk it again, add some marvel mystery fluid to the oil when u are flushing out the water. it works amazingly.
go to walmart and buy some marvel mystery, and i think itstead of like 3 quarts of oil u put 2 quarts of marvel mystery and 1 quart oil and run it a few minutes and drain, then u put 2 quarts oil 1 quart marvel mystery in it and run it a few minutes and drain then put good fresh oil in it with new filter

also to save money on filters clean ur oil filter in diesel each time so u dont have to keep putting a new one in, or the old one in to catch extra stuff while u change the few times

marvel mystery is suppose to get the water to bond to it and pulls the water out when it gets drained

might try that
Thanks again for replies and advice, I will use the Marvel mystery oil as instructed. I can rev the engine at full throttle with no problems, so according to a post the carb is probably OK.
I found out my snorkel leaks a little bit today.. too late though. It only got to the carb vent... What kind of oil am i supposed to use? theres not a honda place around here so can i just use truck oil?
i use castrol high mileage stuff, the one that is suppose to prevent engine sludge, and its like a 10w40...also if u get water in the oil then use marvel mystery, works grate
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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