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Dissapointed so far with BBK

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I have been riding my foreman trying to be easy on my first tank of gas. I cant really tell any difference with the power when riding in normal conditions. I hope when I break this new motor in and change the oil it will wake up and show me something. I tried to climb an inclined hill the other day and I had to down shift to first gear to get up it. I would had guessed 2nd gear would had been plenty. Anyway I will post again after I run this tank out and put it back in the conditions I like to ride in at Buscos Beach.
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i had mine bored to 475 head ported and polished and put on a rubi carb and i can turn mine 29s in 1 and 2nd in thick stuff in 2wd and and pretty much turn em anywhere in 4wd in 1st i had 26" vampires on for a day or two and i could punch it from a dead stop in second and it would stand straight up and i could turn em in 2nd and 3rd in watery mud
i think will be sending you a cam and HMF out soon. thats holding you back form all the HP . dont expect a 750 brute force thou.
If you didnt get the cam you definatly should have done that and port and polished the head but i agree with vetti you need to get some exhaust it will bring it out more
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