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display shroud rattles

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the plastic shroud around the displays rattles like **** sometimes and sometimes not, i popped off the top and made sure all the screws were tight, is there any way to fix this? its not major it just pisses me off
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mine does the same thing, it use to aggravate the **** out me until i just stopped looking at it after that problem just seemed to go away
I can't hear any rattles that darn snorkle is right in my ear.
Sometimes Honda panels don't exactly fit properly together,especially when you remove them to try to fix it.Mine doesn't rattle but it sits uneven by the oil temp light,try to ignore it is the best advice...
Mine rattles as well, its very annoying. But i guess not annoying enough to take it apart and fix it. And like Raver said, with the snorkel and the hmf going, I dont hear much of anything whiles its moving
Yeah right,I can't believe you could hear anything with that series HMF pipe,those pipes are crazy loud.I never can loose my buddy on his Big Bear with that pipe!!!!!
Dang robb how many KB is avatar???? big to upload through the site, I had to link it, does it go slow?
no it runs real good..It is long I like it..Can I ask where and if there are any more like that... I have space a village photos.
Thats the only one like it that i have found, I pulled it from another site and stuck it on this server.
anybody know where I can get info on making an avatar. Maybe I'll shrink some mud ridin clips down
You need a program for making animated gif files. Paint Shop Pro comes with a neat little program for making them. Im sure there might be a free program out there somewhere, i will look around.
That is a nice avatar Robb. Someone has to keep up w/ the Jones'.
How about this one what do you think?? should I go with it????

I'm gonna make it longer but it takes a long time to put it together.
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Thats awesome, what did you use to make it?
It was a program called gif fun,,It is from stone studio..I have a MAC but I think it is a cross platform program..It is great..You just drag the pics into the window and click make gif and it does it all for you...The only downfall is the pics have to be the correct size when you start, otherwise you will have giant GIFF images. the giff is only 325KB that I put up there..So it is easy to make..
Display Shroud Rattles

Back to the rattles. I have an 05 Rubi that does the same thing. I had less than 20 miles on it when I took it back to the dealer to get them to fix the rattle. It drives me freaking out of my mind. They told me that all of the foremans and rubicons have a problem with the display cover rattling and that there was no fix. Yeah great dealer lots of help.

The fix I came up with is simple and cost me $3.00. Go to your local hardware store and by a roll of 1/4 inch all weather stripping. Remove the phillips head screw directly in front of the gas tank (below your keyhole). Once you have removed the screw pop the cover off pulling on each side of the housing. Place the weather stripping around the outer edge of the now visible display. Put the housing back on and if you can see the weather stripping and that is something that bothers you take a razor blade and trim it to where it is no longer visible.

No more rattles. Sorry for the long post.
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good idea
great idea, im doing it, I cant stand to have rattles, in any vehicle, major pet peeve of mine. Thank you
Good info to know if mine starts to rattle,knock on wood but no problems with my 500 ES so far..Thanks for the input!!!
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