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Display Flashing

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I am getting a solid flashing of the shift indicator when I turn my key on. I am at work and I forgot to look in the service manual last night. I forgot how to read the codes as my service manual was on my computer about 10 miles away last night.

Here is what happened.

It was fine last week and then I took off my carb to clean it as the overflow kept running. I put it back together and now I get this code. Reverse cuts out and the whole works. Could it be I don't have the TPS adjusted right? I adjusted it according to the manual, but it is possible it isn't just right.

Your thoughts...
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You'll have to count the flashes .. Code #4 is TP sensor .. The resistance should be:

Fully close to Fully open:
0.5 k to 3.5-5.5 kO (20°C/68°F)
I got the resistance set right around 505 as my manual said between 490 and 510 when it is sitting at rest. If this was set wrong, would it throw a code?
Try setting it at the low end of the scale , then at the high end of the scale ...

We had a Rubicon in a few weeks ago that would flash the TP code everytime the idle was turned below 1450 RPM ...
Everything on this sensor is set and pulls the right readings per the manual, but I can't get rid of the code and I can not get the ititial setting procedure to work. I also can not erase the code which is for the TPS. My guess is that I can't erase it because something is wrong with it.

If you look at my attached blury picture. Where I have the red circle there is no pin on the sensor that would go into the connector...I think. The other 2 have pins that would go into the connector but the circled one has a pin that is along the side. Kind of hard to explain. But my question is that what it is supposed to look like. But let say this. It looks like this. - _ _ All three pins are not lined up.

Any ideas...
I can't seem to get the initial setting done. If I turn the key on while holding the buttons and then immediatly push the up-down-up combination, I can here the little motor moving before I even move the this correct? It gets done moving and then flashes the code for the initial setting failure.

Any ideas on what to do? Should I just order a TPS and be done with it?
Do you not have 3 wires going to the throttle position sensor ..?..

outside -- yellow/white
middle --- yellow/black
outside -- green/yellow
There are 3 wires on the connector, but the plug on the sensor side just don't have 3 prongs that would make contact on the inside of the connector.
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