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Disc brake kit

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Ok guys Santa's still at my place and he wants to get me the xtreme brake kit for the front of an 00 450es where is the cheapest and best place to get them, hopefully in Canada.
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i got mine from ebay and it said make a offer so i did , $284 shipped !!!
**** that was cheap and its a great kit A++.
This is a stupid question but who makes the xtreme kit. Just asking to see if there's a canadian distributor.I'm sick of paying high duty and brokerage fees
google it , im not sure.
Try Royal out of Ontario. I get a lot of my stuff there.
Thanks but all they have is highlifter. I want the extreme kit, but that's on hold now. I Just ordered some HL springs and another winch so cann't spend anymore right now. Hopefully i can make it down to cali. in the summer and i can pick up the brake kit if i cann't find it here. Plus i'm starting a new 4x4 project. Try they are a little cheaper than royal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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