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disc brake custom upgrade for recon

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disc brake custom upgrade for the RECON ,also a easy cheap rear lift bonus

i put disc brakes on the front of my 04 recon and got a lift for free. i used all honda parts and it cost me $250. I started by going on ebay and finding 99-05 trx250ex spindles,hubs,rotors,calipers,shock,etc . also i needed a rear shock because mine was shot so i bought a 250ex shock also. I bought new rims and (tires 23x8x10 are great) to fit the new hubs bolt pattern. Then installed everything and re-did the brake lines in a different route ,redo the tie rod lengh and bam done. i then installed the rear shock which was 7/8" longer and now the rear has a lift. the front spindles are also lifted and the only thing i need to work out is bleeding the master cyl and brakes. i drove this atv for 120 miles. its great and me if you want pictures , [email protected].

i ve been working on this for a while and now its all done and works great.
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new pictures enjoy.
Awesome Job Vette, Looks great, Hows it handle now? Compared to b4?
well we took it to ocala and it feels like a dream in the trails and jumps &
lauches great and then stops on a dime .all parts are honda too. try it
do you know if this will work on an 05 recon ? im ordering every thing tonight if it dose
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