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disc brake conversion questions on my rubicon..

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hey guys, i have a rubicon, some of you may feel the brakes are pretty poor, well, espcially the rear brake...well my rear brake is shot and i dont feel its worth putting money into it, so i was going to get the rear disc brake conversion, but then i was thinking of getting the conversion for the front and having no rear brake atleast for a the main question is...

would having no rear brake at all with the disc brake converison up front provide better braking power than a perfectly working stock setup?
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A perfectly working stock setup would probably work better than only front disks but IMO it is not worth wasting the money on repairing the stock brakes when you know they won't last very long. The only thing that sucks about having no rear brake is that you have no parking brake. if I were you I would just do the front brake conversion and leave the rear until you have some extra cash. My rancher only has the front disk conversion and nothing inside the rear drum and stops very good.
ya your right, i ride a lot of mud and after every ride i open the rear drain on the drum and muddy water and crap comes gushing out...i dont think i could ever get the rear to hold up, and in no time the replacement parts would cover the conversion cost...and ya thats the only problem, ill sort of miss the parking brake,but ill just have to be sure not to park on hills, perhaps eventually ill get the rear when money permits, but i think getting the front first would be better, even my fronts arent amazing...they take quite a bit of time to stop if im going down a hill fast..which is sort of scary...

are the front disc brakes real good? do they have a nice feel with quick hard stopping power? also im pretty mechanical, hows the install? it doesnt seem to bad...? any manual online i can read?
I bought the rancher with them already installed so I don't know how difficult it is. I have only ridden the rancher a couple of times because I bought it so my little brother could ride and didn't really pay attention to the braking. I forgot to mention that for a parking brake I use a Velcro strap that i can wrap around the front brake lever.
ya, that could work...i dont really use the parking brake to much, just to help hold it still in pickup bed, but now i strap it down anyways, just cant park on a hill or i can use a rock behind the tire if i have to...
I'll get you a pic of the velcro strap this weekend it works real good and when you are not using it you can just wrap it around the brake lever.
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