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dirtbike questions ( any suggestions for a lot more speed )

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i got a 2006 crf 150f 4 stroke dirtbike ( i know this is an atv website but mine as well ask ) but anyways it runs 65 with the k&n air filter anybody have any opinion on how it will run with an high performance pipe and new Bomb headers?
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ya it wil run close to 75. if u get a pipe and header
my friend races flat track and hes doing close to
95mph. plus its bored and everthing else. but hes fully
The pipe/header combo should work wonders I would think. My neighbor had a Banshee a couple years ago, and he said the header made more of a difference than the intake and pipe together by far. But if you get the header, I bet you have to get the pipe too, or the header won't perform to its full potential.
the reason the header on the banshee made a bigger difference is beause its a 2 stroke the crf i do belive is a 4 stroke and the muffler will make a bigger gain on that
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
im bout 5"10 may be a lil ffaster wid me on it since im only 14...
If you just want more top end then change your sprocket on the engine side. More teeth = More top end performance. However, when on the trails you may find you are geared to tall. I dont care about top end on my bike (XR400) so I added a sprocket with less teeth for more torque down low. If you have any questions just holler.

hey i took the baffle out of the exhaust today i can tell a lil bit of a top end speed and not much of any power lose...but is it ok to leave the baffle out or should i put it back in?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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