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Dirt Devils - 26" or 27" for 04' Rubicon

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Well I finally decided on a set of Dirt Devils for my Rubi, now I need some advice for the size. I was set on buying 26" because I don't want any rubbing and want to keep as much stock as possible. But after reading some things here I found that a 26" tire can actually be 25.5" or 27" so If anyone has Dirt Devils and knows if these tires run Big, Small, or True to size can you please let me know asap. I want to get actual 26" out of this. Thanks.
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Back to the drawing board. Just got thru reading that the Dirt Devils are terrible in Sandy spots, not that I do alot of this but I do want to cover more issues than not. So I think I'm going back to the Maxxis, either MudBugs or BigHorns. I'm pretty sure the Bighorns run a little larger than listed size. Any info on the Bugs would be helpful. Sometimes there are too many choices.
Heres my main reason for the new tires. Granted these are the stockers and they are about 50% tread at best, but my Rincon with stocks went right thru this, which you'll see in the next pic. I did get hung up on a branch, and the Rincon while on stock tires they are almost new, 60 Miles on them.
Can't figure out how to get 2 pix into one posting yet? Never mind, now I see I was not pressing the add attachemnt button, just got the pic then pressed submit.
big horns are a pritty good tire buddy of mine has them not much for mud in my oppinion thought no expierence wiht the bugs but a anoother buddy is in love wiht gators and there basicly the same design
A true mude tire is not going to like sand. Here is a list you should look at.

GBC Dirt Tamer
Maxxis Bighorn
Interco Swamplite
Highlifter Outlaw MST
ITP Blackwater
ITP Mudlite
ITP Mudlite XTR
What do you guys think of Kenda Bear Claws? They have the look I like and look like a good tire. If anyone has experience with them, mostly on how they wear. I can get a set of 4 tire 26" with 9's for front and 12's for back which is ideal for the look I want. Also if anyone knows actual height of the 26" when new? Thanks
Well, I made my decision and ordered the Bear Claws. I was happy because I really wanted 9" fronts and 12" backs and most others were 10" fronts. I also ordered 26" because I am not lifting this bike and hoping I dont have to modify anything. Beside that I liked the look of them best.

I won't be doing much riding until the spring thaw, even though its been 60 degrees here for a week, No time and I know when I have time it will be 10 degrees. I'll give my review when I can. Thanks for the help.
CardRon i have the bear claws(27x10front 27x12 rear) on my 450. They are a good all around tire. I think they wear a little too fast if you ride blacktop, they are 6 ply and i have never had to plug them and i rock climb with them and think they are amazing. In the mud they are ok.I also liked the look of them and the price helped make up my mind.
27 vamps are mean man
Thanks guys, I've been riding with the stocks since I got it so I know this will be Day and Night for me. I was going back and forth on the 26" vs 27" but I just dont think the 27's would have fit on the back without modifying or cutting something. I mean the 25" are about 1" away from rubbing and they are about 30-35% tread at best. Where I ride I could have gotten away with 25" anyway, just wanted to step up from stockers. I'm planning a H/M trip in late spring so that will be the test, I know one thing is I like the look.
I forgot to mention the lugs on the 25 are alot small than that on the 27 (not as deep). Haven't seen the 26's so you should check in on that.
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