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should i get water in my diffs can i just take my plugs out and let it run out or do i have to oil through it several times. and on the rear diff do i have to take the skid plate off to get to the plug or what.
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just drain and flush it out with cheap motor oil untill clean. you can drain the rear diff without removing the skid.
ive only experienced that once and i flushed it a few times with cheap stuff, then refilled it with good fluid
i havent looked to hard for the drain plugs but i could fell the plug on the front though the skid but i didnt look to hard on the rear. am asking because its my dads bike and wants to know just in case it ever does happen.
the skid plate is probably filled with mud, i had to take mine off to get to the drain plug.
you are probably right i need to power wash it one of these days sinces usually i just use the gardan hose
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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