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Differential Oil?

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How often should you change your differential oil?
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I change ours at least once a year, sometimes more. It depends on how much
water ridin' we do. I would do it at least once or twice a year, but that's just me.
Plus it depends on how much you ride. It your like us, just about every weekend.
i change mine when it gets water in it or when its muddy. but i am going on two years without changing it and it is not muddy at all and i ride in water all the time. so in other words i would change it when ever it starts getting muddy and all that good stuff.
I change mine at every oil change (about 4-6x a year), weather it is milky or not. Whats an extra $6.00 and 10 minutes for piece of mind that it is always fresh oil in the diff versus the cost of a new diff when you blow it up due to lack of maintanance.
Is it hard to change Diff. Oil?
Very easy. Just hard to get to the front fill hole especially with stick guards. Should take about 15 minutes each end.
no, not at all its just down to if you are lazy or not and thats my case
Simplest thing in the world. Just make sure you put the correct amount in
QUOTE ("Railroader":3dxs01bx)
Simplest thing in the world. Just make sure you put the correct amount in
How true and you cant even screw that up because you put enough in so that is comes out the check hole in both diffs. If you have a swing arm skid like I do you will need to remove it or modify it like I did. Also as Eurobro said the front is harder with the stick guards but a real PITA if you also have a bash plate.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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