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Differential Fluids?????

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what type and how much for the front and also the rear???? time to change my fluids!!!!!!!!!
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i use an 85 weight fluid...

in the front you fill it up to the bottom of the threads on the 17mm bolt

in the back there is a bolt that says (check oil bolt) or something like that, leave that bolt out when filling it up and when the oil starts to pour out of that hole you are full.

thats how i did mine. i have an 07.

very easy to do. your dealership will prolly also help you out if you give them a call.
same way i did mine, i used synthetic gear oil
If that quad is still under warranty you better use the Hypoid gear oil SAE 80
i used honda hypoid gear oil in my diffs, if your bike shop doesnt have it just go to the nearest honda car dealership
Differential fluids

How often do you change differential fluids? I am not a mudder and not much in water either. How often should I change mine (06 Foreman)? Thanks
i'd do it everytime u change ur oil.... its easy to do and not expensive at all.
you can also open the bolt you fill it from and look at it every now and then to check the color of it.

last time i changed mine it was bight YELLOW!
took a while to get all the bad oil out. lol
I forget the recommeded mileage, but it should be checked often for water contamination. It is easy to change and inexpensive. Hypoid gear oil is available at any auto parts store or dealer, probably at wal mart too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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