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Diffent Editions

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what is the deal with all the diffent foreman editons ex: Canadian Trail Edition, Boss Editon, Desert Edition, and so on. what makes them diffent and where can you buy them.
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theres nothing special about them, they have the built in GPS. i only heard of the Canadian Trail Edition. Just talk to your dealer he should tell you more info about them.
Desert Edition and Boss Edition are just names that the owners gave thier machines. CTE however is legit but I don't know what is different other than the shocks.
thanks for the info ive seen a few on here that have had diffent editions and wondered what they was
My buddy just picked up a new CTE Rubicon. Only difference is the internal damping characteristics of the shocks and the adjustable springs.
How much do these shocks run? they must be a huge improvement.
Boss edition is just the name i gave my machine. I removed the foreman stickers and replaced them with boss.
i see you have a nise bike by the way
Hasn't been stuck since the factory tires were on it. I've towed quite a few bikes out of holes and towed them home. I have yet to try the outlaws. Everything will be froze up here until april.
it has only been cold enough to freeze the mud a few time here
It's been cold enough to freeze the rivers and lakes here over 10 inches thick. The boys have been racing up and down them for tw0 weeks. Here is a pic of my bike all froze up. I beat most of the ice off so i could move it.
Weather has been kind of chilly here too, right now it's a balmy -14*F...............

First morning I had to prime the old girl, it was -17*F. My lab found some open water and started swimming. He just might be a big block of ice tomorrow morning.
dam the coldest it has been ehre is 7*F
No idea how much the CTE shocks cost but any dealer should be able to get them. Both front and rear have 5 settings to adjust the spring preload. Too much snow to really try them out.
right now its 0* my bike is all froze up too.
Can't forget about my HD (Hillbilly Deluxe) edition haha
slick pick em up trucks, big timing in a small town
you know its sorta funny, but i got that nickname before taht song came out, love the song though dont get me wrong
Well then I am gonna have to come up with a name for mine then. What do you guys think about he 48 FAST EDITION? We gotta do something with the #48 in it though. Flip, by the way the first time I heard that song I thought of your bike!
What song are you hillbillies talking about ?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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