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diff lock

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My Bud wants to know if he puts a diff lock on his 02 450 if the steering will be a b***h. I said go for the 2-4-2 with it as I run a 05 foreman and will get one for mine as well but have the switch.

'05 trx 500 2" lift 27" XTR's piped,jetted skidded no more parts to buy
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Is he getting the DGL or the spool locker?

If he's getting the spool locker he's wasting his money on the warn 424, because the spool is full time locked all the time in either 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. Not very trail friendly, but alot of people still runs them. its cheap and works well.

As where the DGL still alows some slippage when turning. The DGL does make it harder to turn and also doubles your turning radius. But with the 424 added and running in 2 wheel drive you will not notice it there, everything will be back to normal.
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