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diff lock without 2-4-2

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My Bud has a '02 459 and wants the gear locker but worries that the steering will be tough. Should he get the 2-4-2 to go with it?


'05 trx599fm
bought eveything ,polaris imprint on the front fron pushing them up hills
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YES! I just installed the DGL & it is tough to steer in 4 wheel dr.but easy in 2wheel dr. .I don't think anyone could ride for any period of time with the DGL & no 4-2-4.Just my opinion.

424 is a must !!! i have a dgl and a 424 on my 2001 foreman . if you want extra muscles in your arms install a dgl on your honda !!! the backs of my arms gained almost 2 inches in width . the dgl is awesome in the mud holes and the 424 is a generous help when in 2 wheel drive . either way you will enjoy the dgl in the mud and the 424 to do burnouts and doughnuts in the nud or dirt .....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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