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diff fluid????

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what diff fluid are you guys using? i have some 75w-140 ya think this would be a good choice?
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That should be fine...I'm using 75W-90 Synthetic,That was all the store had when I went to buy some.
I used the same as yooperfpreman, That's all I had laying around the ship and it does just fine with my foreman.
i ended up using the motorcraft 75w-140 synthetic.seems to be good...
how many miles between diff fuild changes?
I change my diffs. fluid once a year regularily.I like to check them after every ride and if it looks milky then it gets changed IMMEDIATELY.
i use 80W90 regualr oil but i also cut it with a very sticky addative called "lucas" just a little addded protection
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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