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dies in water from water in carb

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when seat goes under water, engine sputters and dies. there will be water in the carb which i drain out. there will also be a small amount (one or two drain tubes full) in the breather box. the water in the box will have gas in it. i have a snorkle which i do not believe it leaks and have siliconed every possible hose/tube connecting to the carb/breather. I am hitting a wall on what it could be. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Is the carb bowl overflow plugged....the check valve won't cut it...It needs to be plugged..Did you extend the two carb vent hoses up to the bars???That the first place to start.
carb drain plugedd, vent's run up outside of snorkle to bend
Is the bowl tight on the carb...Maybe it is seeping past a loose bolt or something,,,Got me.....Robb I think had some problems at first also.
Dilectric grease on the spark plug? Try that.
i checked my vent lines and my drum brake line and front line was ran into one of the vents of the carb and the other vent went to the outside of my snorkle. i seperated all the vent lines and ran each line up the snorkle.
i also checked my drum brake for water ( machine is 2 weeks old) and it was full of water. i will find out tomorow if that was my problem
the vent from the rear brake drum was the problem, i was able to go in water right below my handlebars with no sputtering, etc. thanks for your help
Glad to hear that!!! Much more fun now!
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