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dies in 2 to 3 foot water

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new here i ride in the mud and water alot and when i get in water 2 or so foot sometimes it just dies no spit no spudder just like you turned the key off pull it out and sometimes it cracks right up sometimes 30 minutes with not much spudder. think its something electric help please.
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have you sealed around your plug? If you havent already you need to run your carb drain line and the diff lines to the top of your atv. if you like deep water and mud you should consider a snorkel.
Possibility your getting water in the motor

If its spuddering a lot after it cranks you got water
the last time it didn;t get high enough to go over spark plug
Plug your carb DRAIN, it hangs straight down from the bottom of the carb. Use the bolt that holds the output shaft boot on. Put some di-lectric (sp?) grease in your spark plug boot, and every electical connection you can find. reroute your crank case breather up over the carb and most importantly youll need THIS for riding deep.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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