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DiEletric grease

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i was told i need to put this on the wire connections if im going to be taking it in water. anyone else do this? and if so, where are the important places i need to get it? and how much grease do i use on each connection? anyone done a lot of water riding with no dielectric grease and have no problems?
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yes yes no no yes no yes


put it on all the elctrical connections...unplug 'em and stuff some in and plug it back in, def. need on spark plug and winch connectinos
ok, what about little wires i see here and there that can unplug easily? and what about the red and black connections on the battery?
Just put it everywhere except the seat and hand grips!

I use silicone. Built boats for years. It works great and it's cheap. Peels off to if I need it off.
put it on every electrical connection you see
do you just put a little bit or fill it up?
basically, take every conector you see, unplug it, fill the conector till it oozes out and plug it back in and your set
ok thanks. how much do yall figure it would take to fill the connections and the plug
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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