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Die Electric for ES

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Where is the plug located that I need to put the die elec at???????????
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You want to put Die Electric grease in every single electrical connection there is, including the fuse block. Unplug the connections squirt some in and replug, on the fuse block just take out the fuse put some in the female end reinstall fuse. That's it your done.
The spark plug wire is the main one you want to get, then like mud master said, any other electrical connection. I also found that white lithium grease works well in hard to reach areas. It sprays in a liquid form, then sets up a little while later. You can find this at any auto parts store.
Thanks for the response but I have already went over the bike and unplugged connections and put grease in them and I also have done my spark plug boot a few times I am just wanting to make sure I have got whatever everyone is doing for their es well and I am not sure where it is.
Also thanks for the fuse box tip I had not done that yet.
Did you get the ones in this pic they were the green one to the right on mine was full of water and corrosion.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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