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You can't really blame the guy for saying they won't warranty water in your diffs. I mean, the only way to get water in there is to have the diff vents underwater, and if you drive with water in the diff, you will wreck it. I think all they mean is they won't cover damaged caused by abuse. If you put your bike underwater, change all the fluids the way you're suppposed to clean out the airbox etc. and don't expect that they will just make Honda pay for it. As long as when they see it, the fluid is clean, there should be no problem.

My dealer is really good. If something fails on the bike he will fix it, just not if it's caused by me being stupid. Like if I cut my front drive axle boot on a branch, I would not expect that to be warranty, that was my fault. Certainly not a 'defect'. But if the wheel bearings go, water or not, that should be covered.

My dealer is pretty good although they will not warranty the wheel bearings after the 6 month warranty is up. I purchased the extended warranty and I have had to replace 2 wheel bearings so far.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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