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Dick's Fab. radio box

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Here is a pic of my radio box that I just built. It has 2-6.5" marine speakers with a 240 watt amp, and is set up to run off of my MP3 player.

It is also easily removeable via 4 clips, and 1 plug(power connection), and has a small battery in it as well for a completely portable radio.

It will run off of the small battery for 2-3 hours depending on how loud you play it. Then you can plug it back into the bike, and recharge the battery while riding, and listening to the radio.

It also offers more storage space in the front of the bike. I went through and sealed the entire box.

If anyone is interested, I can build them for you as specified.

Mine has a fuse block and 2 toggle switches. 1 is for the on/off for the amp, and the other is for my reverse light.

The quality and loudness off this box depends a lot on your mp3. not all mp3 players will produce the same sound.

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QUOTE ("mudder fudder":18tusa84)
How much????

It looks awesome! Pretty smart using that box. does it rattle? what about on the inside of the box, are the speakers protected from items that you have stored in the box. Like if you have a snatch block in your box and you are on a rough trail, is it possible for the block to bounce and tear up your speakers? Just curious.
So far, besides the stuff that I have in the box, only the handle rattles. I am going to rap the handle with some rubber to help with it viberating.

The speakers are protected from stuff on the bottom by the little tray that comes with the box that sits on the top. Plus they also have a plastic housing on the back of them.

The only draw back to this verses the audiopipe is it would run about $300 for this shipped. The advantage is you pick up extra storage and you can also do what I did and add additional switches to run other things if you want. The box has a fuse panel, so it becomes a power source.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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